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Buying circuit boards from an offshore source is a skill-rich exercise. True, anyone can stick a pin in their e-mail in-box and come up with a low cost supplier, but experience will tell you that this generally does not give the best value PCB in use.

Our mission is to provide the professional materials manager with the best value experience in the round.

All our offshore suppliers are on-site audited, regularly visited and benchmarked. We’ve worked with most of them for years, and understand their realistic capabilities. We pick the most suited to the job in hand, and match the price, the speed of delivery and the production and test technology to ensure exceptional performance.

Be it the manufacture of flex-rigid multilayer, buried and blind via matched impedance, HDI or just lots of FR4 PTH, we use our skill and experience to match the job to the best printed circuit board manufacturer.

We import using our own freight forwarders, choosing the most appropriate transport method, and invoice in sterling – and we do it all from a UK jurisdiction.

We can manage varying schedules, hold buffer stocks or Kan-Ban on your shelves or ours.

With over 20 years’ experience of importing PCBs, we can be your reliable volume partner and keep your costs to a minimum.