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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication is the assembly method for circuit boards used in electronic and computer devices. The layers of the board are put together along with the specific surface pattern so it can be used in electronics manufacturing. Often firms that fabricate PCBs also make related products for their customers. Manufacturers of electronic goods can either fabricate in-house or contract this operation out to third party specialists. So many companies operate in this grey area and Hi5 Electronics can assist with a broader range of services if required.

The client can supply a design or Hi5 Electronics can design boards using the specifications provides by clients. The design provides information about what the board needs to do and the environment in which it will be used so Hi5 Electronics can develop and test an appropriate schematic.

Customers can also develop their own files and send them to the manufacturer, using a format known as a Gerber file. This is an industry standard for recording the specification of a PCB.

Hi5 Electronics use the Gerber file to set up and program our manufacturing equipment for PCB fabrication. The actual process varies depending on the number of boards that need to be produced. Custom products require small production runs and tend to be more expensive, whilst standard generic formats are cheaper to produce. Prototypes by definition are small in volume and therefore can be very costly.

Hi5 Electronics accept a variety of jobs and can offer a range of types of circuit boards to meet your needs. Additional services include design, and other product development activities to support you.

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