5 criteria for a quality PCB prototyping company

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As the electronics engineering industry continues to grow apace, so does the PCB manufacturing industry, in tandem, to service its needs. With this comes a wider choice for you, the consumer. On the one hand, more choice should mean finding the right supplier easier, but it can also be a bewildering task.

It’s vital that the PCB prototyping company you entrust your designs too can deliver and we believe there are 5 key criteria to follow when selecting the right supplier:

Speed of turnaround

As most prototyping projects need to work to tight deadlines, choosing a PCB company with the right response time is vital.  The industry norm is around five working days (some companies may require longer), but Hi5 also offer a superfast turnaround service, delivering a working PCB prototype in just 24 hours. Ideal if an exhibition is looming fast and the product has to be up to scratch in time.

Reassurance of quality

With such a wide choice of PCB manufacturers these days, it’s no surprise that not all offer the quality standards you expect and deserve. Whilst quality is critical throughout the design and prototyping stages, failure rates can vary greatly with different circuit board manufacturers. Any small mistakes can magnify and affect the project cost and even the success of the end product. Always entrust your designs to a company with the right accreditation, e.g UL and ISO 9001.

Price point

As with any suppliers, it pays to shop around. Whilst price, in the arena of circuit board prototyping, should be viewed as less important than quality and speed, no one wants to spend more than they have to, particularly when a project may have many twists and turns before it hits the market. It’s a help if a PCB company offer a quotation and pricing tool on their website, so you can make a more informed decision before making contact.

Minimum orders

PCB prototype projects cover a multitude of scopes and sizes and a small order to one client  could seem massive to another. Fortunately, some printed circuit board companies, like Hi5 Electronics, can be flexible to your needs. Whilst we can offer tiny runs, we also offer a volume production service.

Bespoke capabilities

There’s no off the shelf solution, in printed circuit board prototyping. Your product specifications can significantly alter your requirements for size and detail, as well as other criteria. The more customised your PCB prototype needs to be, the more vital it becomes to choose a company with the right experience and the best equipment available.

At Hi5 Electronics, we believe we meet all the above criteria. Why not give us a call and see how we can help you with your PCB prototyping requirements?

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