UK Prototype PCB Manufacturers

Hi5 Electronics is the fast and reliable PCB prototyping company. When your job needs finishing as soon as possible, trust our team of experts to turn it around for you.

We can get jobs done when others can’t.

Don’t waste another second. Contact one of our friendly sales team and ask about our one day lead times. Call: 01706 647 006.

The Hi5 Electronics team has a wealth of experience from all sorts of sectors – and we are always eager to offer a helping hand.

All our operations are based in the UK, where we manufacture small batch PCBs primarily for prototype testing.

Lots of our customers choose to partner with us through the whole PCB supply chain, choosing us to source reliable and cost-effective volume production from our trusted manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia.

We work with customers in the UK, Europe and North America.

Fast prototype PCBs

We produce prototype PCBs that are single-sided and multi-sided and have a lot of flexibility when it comes to turnaround times.

Our customers also value flexibility when it comes to a large range of optional extras, finishes and testing.

The innovative online shop enables customers to manipulate settings to find a PCB and a quote configuration that suits their needs (and their budget).

The online order form takes less than five minutes to complete. If you have any problems or questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Overseas PCB sourcing

As well as our rapid short-run PCB printing service, many of our customers like to work with us through the PCB supply chain and take advantage of our trusted manufacturing partnerships in Europe and Asia.

The Hi5 Electronics team is there to offer help and support at each stage of the PCB development process.

Why work with Hi5 Electronics international printed circuit board team:

  • Reliable network of international producers
  • Avoid untrustworthy suppliers
  • High quality PCBs

What is rapid PCB prototyping?

PCB prototyping is the manufacture of short run printed circuit boards for prototyping or testing purposes. When it comes to prototyping, the emphasis is on speed and flexibility.

This allows developers to test their products and meet deadlines.

Rapid PCB prototyping means that product developers can test different ideas in quick succession, and if they need to tweak anything they can do so and get a new board delivered rapidly.

Once we have received your project data (as a Gerber file or another accepted file type), we can get a working prototype back to you within as little as a day.

Printed circuit boards for testing

Hi5 Electronics innovative online shop allows you to submit files and customise your order so that you get the perfect PCB to test your products.

In four easy steps you can determine the board type, finishes, other optional extras and deadlines. The online system will automatically generate a competitive quote that you can manipulate based on the scope of your project.

For more information on our printed circuit board manufacturing process, look at the SlideShare below.

Company story

Richard Houghton, Managing Director - Tim Bartley, Front End Manager - Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterHi5 Electronics started in 1999 when Richard Houghton and Craig Southern opened their production facility in Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

They both got involved in the electronics industry in the 1970s, Richard worked in technical facilities including ICL which, at the time, was one of the most advanced printed circuit board manufacturers in the world. He then went on to set up a company manufacturing sound mixers which he ran for several years.

Sales director Craig Southern worked at a number of electronics companies, most notably TDS where the concept of the quick turnaround prototype was first invented.

Together, they started Hi5 Electronics producing niche PCBs and filling a gap in the market that they knew existed. They have continued to innovate ever since.