Based in Rochdale, near Manchester, Hi5 Electronics are an established UK PCB manufacturer.

From our facility in the northwest of England, we manufacture and supply printed circuit boards in a variety of types and quantities to customers across Europe.

We consider each order individually and plan accordingly. Whether it’s a prototype PCB that’s needed in a serious hurry to the volume production from supplied stock, we provide a first class service.

Our UK PCB manufacturing capability is underpinned by both our experienced and diligent team and our extensive equipment list. The latest addition to our set up is the Pluritech Multistation L, a highly sophisticated PCB drilling machine which gives our manufacturing process added flexibility, increased accuracy yet also faster productivity.

And as our circuit board production needs continue to grow, we are able to add six extra drill stations, capable of carrying out either different or the same jobs at the same time.

Additionally, we are proud to have achieved UL recognition for our Insulated Metal Substrates production. this means we can turn round an IMS PCB on a specified aluminium in just a matter of days. This printed circuit board manufacturing process is intrinsic in the production of high intensity LEDS – a huge growth market.

Whatever your PCB needs, we can deliver on all levels. Call us on 01706 647006 for an informal chat or try our online quotation system for a quick price.