Hi5 Electronics launches new prototype panel ordering service

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online pcb ordering serviceUK PCB manufacturer, Hi5 Electronics, has launched a new website with an innovative prototype PCB panel service.

The website showcases the company’s new branding – a fresh, clean look for an established and successful company. The site is responsive so it is easy to use whether you are on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

“Website design is constantly evolving and we wanted to make sure our key online presence, the Hi5 Electronics site, was up to date and reflected digital trends. With more and more people accessing the internet through devices, it is crucial that businesses adapt; a responsive website prepares us for our customers’ changing habits,” said Richard Houghton, Managing Director.

By visiting Hi5 Electronics’ new site, customers in the UK and Europe can now also get a quick quote for turning printed circuit board designs into working prototypes.

A new online panel service, developed with the specific needs of prototype customers in mind, offers a wide range of options starting with single and multi-layer boards, quarter, half, one and two panel types and a choice of turnaround times.

The service offers especially good value to businesses who only require quarter or half panels as they will not need to pay for a full panel.

In addition, customers can choose from a comprehensive set add-ons including finishes, minimum hole, board thickness, resist and legend selections.

Placing an order online is a fast and simple, with next day delivery on offer to UK customers.

Richard Houghton said, “We believe the high level of customisation available on our new PCB prototype panel service is unique in the UK market. It offers customers in the UK and Europe a convenient and efficient service which is available 24/7.”

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