HI5’s new printed circuit board manufacturing equipment

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Our latest acquisition is this drilling machine from Pluritec Industries – the Multistation L.

It’s a very high performance micro-drilling machine for Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and features the following key points:
•    Flexibility
•    Accuracy and repeatability
•    High speed productivity
•    Minimal space requirements.

The boards are loaded and unloaded by an ingenious automatic pantograph lift located at the back of the machine. This unit lifts a trolley which can hold up to 18 stacks of pre-pinned circuit boards and then, using the Y axis movement, loads them automatically onto the tooling bed.

The machine is controlled by a special independent computer system which holds the drilling information supplied by our talented Front End pcb production team and it’s this system which connects to the machine, supplying it with the necessary data.

The tool change system is a unique device consisting of a rotating drum which can hold 336 drill bits and includes a diameter check ensuring correct hole sizes. The machine can drill hole sizes from 0.10mm up to 6.35mm and the drill spindle incorporates a Broken Bit Detector…handy when you consider, as a PCB manufacturer, we could be drilling a few thousand 0.2mm holes! After each drill has reached its pre-set number of holes, the system changes the drill bit automatically.

The spindle can also automatically recognise the height of the stack and adapts and maintains its distance from the board surface ensuring optimum speed. Talking of speeds, the spindle can run from 20,000 RPM up to 160,000 RPM depending on drill size and the X and Y axes run at 50 metres per minute, powered by two linear motors.

As our PCB manufacturing needs grow, we can add up to six drill stations (depending on finances!), with each station able to perform both different or the same jobs simultaneously.

All in all, this is a very impressive piece of kit, well suited for fast, and accurate printed circuit board manufacturing.


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