Once you are comfortable with your PCB Prototype you might be tempted to source volume production for your PCB services.

A pre-production batch can be the most important stage of the product development cycle. Failure to spot any production mistakes at this stage could cost you big if a design goes to be volume produced.

There are lots of problems associated with large-scale PCB manufacturing which need to be ironed out in a batch production phase.

Hi5 PCB batch production

Depending on client requirements, we can create a first test batch, either in our Rochdale production facility or can source a batch from our quick turnaround partners in the Far East.

Altogether, we promise to calm any nerves.

We can deliver a pre-production sample batch off the final volume tooling arrangement. We will also report and mend any of the pitfalls associated with each method, set your timelines in stone. We make sure that the creation, milling and printing of your circuit boards is done correctly during volume production.

Once our technicians have given your pre-production batch the green light, you can be 100% sure that a product is ready to go into final mass production.

Advantages of PCB pre-production

  • Secure your peace of mind before going to the mass production stage
  • Check final tooling arrangements are correct
  • Optimise board layout for maximum efficiency
  • Spot and correct pitfalls