PCBs for LEDs

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You probably know that printed circuit boards lie right at the heart of our modern lives; at its very core, in terms of powering the electronic devices that we now take for granted.  However, their use may be more ubiquitous than you might have thought.  For instance… have a look up and a think about the light source above you.  Here, we are hinting not at the humble bayonet light bulb, but the growing interest in the benefits of LED (light emitting diode) lighting.  We live in a climate of diminishing energy resources – where experts warn of the lights dimming or even momentarily switching off – if we don’t do something to address our energy consumption.

As compared to usual forms of lighting, LED lights can use up to 80% less energy, whilst also being much more long-lasting, with more than 25,000 hours of usage.  To put it in layman’s terms, some manufactures claim their bulbs can last for 60,000 hours.  Even if they were on for 12 hours a day, that would equate to 14 years…  and that’s 14 years without maintenance.  LED bulbs also emit less heat and some, indeed, stay completely cool.  And, as they are mercury-free, they are also much more easily recycled.  So, perfect for commercial or residential purposes, LED bulbs offer huge energy savings and are therefore better all round for both your wallet and the environment,

So what role do PCBs play in this fast-moving sector?  Well, metal-clad printed circuit boards (MPCBs) are integral to the LED lighting manufacture process.  The use of metal substrate means that heat can be managed within the PCB, the MPCB acting as a thermal conductor and thereby increasing efficiency, reliability and length of use.  MPCBs can also be bent and folded to make shapes not possible with other materials and in addition, the design of MPCBs means that manufacture can be automated, without the need for inefficient human involvement.

So, printed circuit boards prove their worth once again as another bright light switches; this time, an LED bulb.  If you have a requirement for LED lighting or are interested in the role of PCBs in their manufacture, please contact Hi-5 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.