Printed Electronics Europe tradeshow

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At Hi-5 Electronics, we fully appreciate that to work within the electronics business necessitates keeping up to speed with the ever-increasing developments in this fascinating, evolving industry sector.

To that end, we were present at the National Electronics Week show in Manchester in March 2013, which was devoted to the very latest electronics technology.  Alongside that, we also keep abreast of other trade fairs and were therefore delighted to hear that attendance at the recent Printed Electronics Europe trade fair and conference, now in its tenth year, was up by a fifth.

Over 1,500 people were in attendance at this year’s fair, which took place in Berlin and focused on the commercialisation of printed technology, covering organic, inorganic, stretchable and textile electronics, thin film and flexible nanotechnologies, touch surfaces, and energy generation.  Delegates demonstrated their own innovations, and also aided the business and technology development of their parent companies by networking with end-user businesses, at the other end of the supply chain, discerning what it is they are specifically looking for.

We were especially intrigued to hear about “Manufacturing Street”, a new innovation for this year’s show.  Manufacturing Street showcases printed electronics and forms a welcome addition to “Demonstration Street,” which hosts the planet’s biggest display of products using printed, flexible, and organic electronics.

Printed circuit boards and associated electronics is obviously a world-wide concern and trade shows are a perfect way to keep up-to-speed with innovations in the industry, and develop an understanding of where demand is coming from.  In 2014, Printed Electronics Europe will also take place in Germany, meanwhile, Printed Electronics Asia takes place in Tokyo in July of this year.  Asia is obviously a massive market for printed electronics and the key Asian electronics companies will all be attendance.  Meanwhile, the biggest event in the world for printed electronics is Printed Electronics USA.  That will take place in Santa Clara, California in November of this year, with over 2000 delegates, businesses and consumers.  We’re already checking our air miles!