Prototype PCB UK companies

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Looking for a reliable, prototype PCB UK based company, but don’t know where to start? For over five years, Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, near Manchester, have serviced many happy customers with their innovative prototype PCB panel service.

So how do we go about it?

Prototype PCB checklist

Firstly, we require you to send us your data. Send it over with a purchase order and we can get cracking straight away. Bear in mind that our cut off for day one is 10am.

We will then fit your prototype into the available area. If you have other designs, we can pool it with them and add them all to the same panel.

Our standard finish is in either lead-free hot air levelling or sterling silver. There is a small supplementary charge For ENIG (electroless nickel and immersion gold).

We then carry out the testing of your prototype PCB by roving probe to your data.

Once your prototype is complete, we can deliver it to you within our standard five working days. If it’s desperately urgent or you’re in an emergency situation, we have a super quick delivery service of just 24 hours. All our delivery services are by next day courier.

Hi5 offer a simple, seamless solution that removes all the worry from your prototype requirements. So, if you’re looking to procure a prototype PCB in the UK, give us a try!


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