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How to choose PCB components

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The design of a printed circuit board can be a difficult and challenging undertaking.  Of course here at Hi5 we are more than happy to consult on the design of PCBs.  However, if you are keen on Hi5 manufacturing to your own design, here is a 10-point plan of some things you should be thinking […]

Graphene Valley – Manchester’s big news for electronics and PCB manufacturers.

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Here at Hi-5, we are proud of both our Rochdale roots and location within Greater Manchester, especially when you consider the innovative and successful industrial history of this grand northern city.  This was the city where Rutherford split the atom, where Turing helped invent the computer.  And now it’s born witness to another incredibly exciting […]

The market takes a chunk out of electronics manufacturing company Apple

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Hanging from the very top of the tree that is the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry… is Apple.  Manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad, this electronics manufacturing company has managed to dominate in the communications and computing industries, keeping Asian PCB designers in business.  Well, at least that’s what we all thought. Interestingly, you may have […]