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How Graphene Can Prevent Overheating

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At the start of autumn, it was reported that Samsung was on the cusp of announcing the world’s first mobile phone with a graphene-based alternative to the traditional lithium-ion batteries. Samsung wasn’t the only company exploring this material. Behind the scenes, each of the major mobile phone retailers are hard at work perfecting graphene components to be used in their products. Such is the determination to […]

Manchester breakthrough brings flexible screens one step closer

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Flexible televisions, tablets and phones, plus high-performance wearable smart technology have come one step closer thanks to a new nanoscale transistor created by researchers at The University of Manchester and Shandong University in China. These products, which might have seemed like a pipedream a few years ago, are now close to becoming a reality thanks […]

Developers urged to refocus IoT designs

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Everybody has an opinion on the Internet of Things (IoT), but some of these opinions carry more weight than others. In the last couple of weeks some extremely weighty opinions have crash landed into the debate – highlighting important possibilities and potential pitfalls of developing IoT technology. We’ve summarised two views below. Although they each […]