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Solar power – Illuminating the future of LEDs

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The technology in LED lights is, quite literally, illuminating the world. As previously reported by Hi5, solar-powered LEDs are proving a very useful light source in many developing countries. The technology’s potential though, is only just starting to be realized. New uses for the technology are being discovered all the time. One recent development, trialled […]

PCBs for LEDs

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You probably know that printed circuit boards lie right at the heart of our modern lives; at its very core, in terms of powering the electronic devices that we now take for granted.  However, their use may be more ubiquitous than you might have thought.  For instance… have a look up and a think about […]

10 reasons LED is the future of lights manufacturing.

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You may have noticed, over the last 12 months, that the world seems to be edging closer to phasing out traditional lighting in favour of what is perceived to be a far more efficient medium – LED lights. LEDs use less energy, last longer (as they don’t burn out in the same way as a […]