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8 tips for PCB designers

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In the 21st Century, electronic equipment can perform an incredible array of tasks, from automatically recording Antiques Roadshow… to automatically hovering round your feet as you watch it.  However, at the heart of any piece of electronic equipment is its circuit board… its neural wiring.  And if you get that wrong, you may find your […]

Multi layered PCBs. Ingenious… on so many levels

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A printed circuit board (PCB) is the nerve centre of any electronic device, the pulsing downtown heart of this electronic city, with information running down its conductive pathways, connecting the various component hubs of the board.  It is almost impossible to conceive of any electronic device in the 21stcentury that doesn’t have a printed circuit […]

Multilayer PCB design and 3D Printing

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Its hard to imagine the likes of Jonathan Ross discussing the elements of multilayer PCB design but, whilst not targeting PCB manufacture implicitly, he was recently seen extolling the virtues of 3D printing on his occasionally-amusing ITV show.  If we might somehow step beyond the strange beard, floppy hair and engorged ego, it is certainly […]