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Red Wine is Secret Ingredient in New Wearable Tech

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When red wine is introduced to clothing, it normally spells disaster for the wearer. Whether it is baking soda, gin or dish soap, everybody has a genius life hack to remove red wine from a white shirt. But researchers at the University of Manchester have worked out that they can create flexible, durable and more […]

Manchester breakthrough brings flexible screens one step closer

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Flexible televisions, tablets and phones, plus high-performance wearable smart technology have come one step closer thanks to a new nanoscale transistor created by researchers at The University of Manchester and Shandong University in China. These products, which might have seemed like a pipedream a few years ago, are now close to becoming a reality thanks […]

Graphene can help tune into terahertz technology

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1000000 MB/s internet could be on the way thanks to wonder material graphene and the University of Manchester. Researchers at the University of Manchester believe that the electrical properties of graphene mean that the material could be used to open up a previously under-explored area of technology – terahertz lasers. According to a team of […]