The Best Introductory AI Courses You Can Study at Home

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In just the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given us some really quite impressive product innovations. AI allows you to unlock the iPhone X with your face and is responsible for products like smart speakers, which are becoming more commonplace.

Robots aren’t about to hoover up all the jobs or destroy humanity, but AI is making the world significantly smarter.

Companies are beginning to invest heavily in AI and product designers and engineers with the right skills can demand bumper pay packets.

Start your journey to a superintelligent future with one of these online introductory courses.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Udacity

Learn the fundamentals of AI as it applies in dozens of industries. From product design to journalism and robotics to quantum science, this course will give you a basic grounding in all the basics and applications of AI.

Among other things, you’ll learn about machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer vision and natural language processing.

Machine Learning, Stanford University

The current AI boom has been driven by significant breakthroughs in machine learning. This involves ‘training’ computers to act without being programmed. They ‘learn’ by examples, rather than specific instructions from a programmer.

Machine learning has improved web searches and led to more meaningful speech recognition, it’s also helped put self-driving cars on the road.

This course, delivered by Stanford University and Coursera, teaches effective machine learning theory and practical need-to-knows that are required to implement the techniques. It will also teach you some of Silicon Valley’s best practices in innovation as it pertains to machine learning and AI.

Deep learning, Google

Google described deep learning as the ‘bleeding edge’ of machine learning.

There is no question that it makes machine learning far more powerful and there have already been some important victories, including AlphaGo software, which convincingly beat 18 times Go world champion Lee Sedol in the complicated game.

Google uses deep learning for everything from speech recognition to photo organisation and they have created this free three-month course to help more people design intelligent systems that learn from complex datasets.

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