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Cheapest Place Buy Phentermine Online, Phentermine Buy Online Usa

Posted on Phentermine Online Overnight Delivery

electronics manufacturing pre production Hi5 Electronics are PCB pre-production specialists. Our aim is to help designers and product manufacturers achieve the smoothest transition from drawing board to finished electrical product.

That’s why we work with customers at every stage of the process. We offer a helping hand through various phases of prototyping, through PCB pre-production and finally, in association with our approved partners in the Far East, through to the volume manufacturing stage.

Cheapest Place Buy Phentermine Online, Phentermine Buy Online Usa

Pre-production is arguably the most important stage of your product cycle. It can be seen as the final stage of planning before a project gets the green light for mass production.

Essentially it involves producing a single batch of PCBs using techniques that would be used during mass manufacture.

The idea behind it is to make sure your product evolves as smoothly as possible into its finished state. Failing to spot an error at this stage could have catastrophic consequences both in terms of lost time and wasted capital.

Clients should see PCB pre-production as the final chance to work out any design kinks and other flaws which might compromise the finished product. It is also the opportunity to test that a PCB design is compatible with volume or ‘batch’ production techniques.

Why is it so important?

This stage of the PCB production process is so crucial because it offers the opportunity to optimise the final volume production stage. Generating efficiencies at this stage directly translates into the saving of hundreds or thousands of pounds when your product goes into final production.

Working with our team of industry experts and technical specialists you will be able to identify the best methods and requirements as well as the perfect surface finish to get the absolute maximum yield from one production panel.

Pre-production means more efficiency which means lower costs

There are some other advantages to trusting an expert with your PCB pre-production. Our manufacturing specialists have a keen eye for design flaws which might not have been picked up during other stages of the production cycle.

The pre-production stage also gives you the chance to add fiducial marks and step and repeat details for solder-paste stencils. While these kinds of markings are by no means crucial for the process, they do offer a sense of how a PCB will look when it’s absolutely finished.

Pre-production represents the last chance to spot potential difficulties which might emerge later in the production cycle, such as when components are added to the PCB or when it’s time to fit the circuit board into its housing.

How can Hi5 Electronics help me before I go to mass PCB production?

With Hi5 you get a helping hand through every stage of the PCB production cycle. With so much industry experience, our team is well aware of the need for production to run smoothly – and we know how costly mistakes can be.

If you entrust Hi5 with your prototype then we can produce a first ‘test’ batch at our production facility in Rochdale. Alternatively, depending on time and scalability factors, we can arrange for pre-production to be carried out by one of our tried and trusted manufacturing partners.

We will provide you with a sample batch of the final volume production tooling, and help you to assess the relevant merits and demerits of each production method.

As a team of experts and master-craftsmen in an infamously difficult industry, you can trust Hi5 to ensure the creation, milling and printing of your PCB is carried out correctly when it comes to the mass production stage of a product cycle.

To talk to one of our technical specialists about your specific pre-production needs, or for a free no obligation quote,  call us on 01706 647 006.