Top electronic product YouTubers

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Louis Rossmann

Louis Rossmann has built up something of a cult following on YouTube, primarily for his views about Apple and (often foulmouthed) rants about some of their business practices, particularly as they relate to independent repairers.

Mr Rossmann, a consumer electronics repairman based in New York, hit the headlines recently for his support after he expressed support for a ‘Right to Repair’ bill that would have made it easier and cheaper to repair electronics products like iPhones.

In one of his recent videos he delivered this challenge to Apple. He said:

“For every single bit of effort you put into making these products difficult to repair, I will put an equal or greater amount of effort into making them easier to repair for people all around the world.”

The bill was squashed, but Mr Rossmann is still making lots of great videos. And it’s not all about electronics, his videos also discuss overcoming depression, his vegan lifestyle and tips to running a successful business.

EEV Blog

The Electronics Engineering Video Blog is run by a charismatic Australian who loves taking things apart. Dave Jones posts dozens of tutorials, reviews and whiteboard demonstrations.

As well as being educational, the videos are also entertaining. We particularly liked this video of him taking apart a ‘medical’ tablet computer only to find it filled with dodgy components and hack wire jobs.


Were you a fan of MythBusters? Adam Savage, is one of the key hosts on this channel which features a lot of talk around the tech world.

The content isn’t necessarily about electronic products, but it usually involves building an interesting project or talking about something to do with technology.

Mike’s Electric Stuff

Mike is the only Brit to make our list, but his super simple blog is very entertaining. But while there’s nothing fancy about the style of videos, the stuff that Mike chooses to take apart is very complicated.

If you ever wanted to know what the inside of an airport X-Ray scanner looked like, or the inside of a pill camera, or why it’s a really bad idea to take apart a hydrogen fuel cell, then look no further than this video.