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Discount Phentermine Overnight - Buy Phentermine Online Overseas

Discount Phentermine Overnight - Buy Phentermine Online Overseas

Making a printed circuit brings together chemistry, engineering, photography and IT in a series of processes to turn design into reality, as the basic building block of almost anything electronic.

It requires skill, experience and investment to produce a bespoke design very quickly and to an exemplary quality standard; only then can the project, be it a new product or mass production, be allowed to proceed.

Here at Hi5 Electronics we continually invest in equipment, training and support, which allows us to exceed expectations and to get PCB boards out in minimum time.

In our drilling area we have Pluritec high speed autoloader machines that will drill holes down to 0.1mm with great accuracy and speed. Our Burkle bonding press bonds at vacuum of 1mbar to give excellent encapsulation and thickness control, even at the highest layer count.

Automatic inspection finds the smallest error, to ensure top class yield when we put a printed circuit board on our roving probe testers, testing to the design data.

Laser photoplotting and UV printing can define features to 75 microns, and precision etching, combined with first-class layer to layer tolerances, gives excellent impedence matching.

We metallize and plate substrates from PTFE to polyimide, and apply a full range of solderable final finishes, including immersion gold, lead free HAL, sterling silver and OSP.

We score, rout and mill to profile, including contouring aluminium base, and even anodise the back of aluminium boards for fantastic thermal properties.

All this is done by a workforce with great skills, most of whom have many years’ experience in making printed circuits; this means we can advise on the best way to get the best board possible on your assembly machines in the shortest time possible.


Please see our range of products (including multilayer) and finishes below:

  • Conventional on FR4 0.2 – 3.2mm
  • PTH FR4 0.4 – 10.0mm
  • Multilayer up to 18 layer, thickness  0.3 – 5.2mm
  • Buried and blind via multilayer
  • Insulated metal substrate (aluminium backed)
  • PTFE pth
  • Flexible adhesiveless polyimide
  • Flex-rigid multilayer (adhesiveless flex.)
  • Copper/invar core
  • Heavy copper ( 250micron)
  • Buried passive components

Final Finish:

  • Sterling Silver
  • OSP
  • Lead free HASL
  • ENIG




  • Visual Cam x3 (network)
  • U-cam netlist test preparation
  • Mivatec photoplotter


  • Excellon Uniline CNC drill
  • Excellon EX110 CNC Drill-router
  • Excellon EX200 CNC drill router
  • Radol CNC scorer


  • Burkle Vacuum bonding press
  • Picard post etch punch


  • Cirgraphics File line printer x2
  • Resco primary image developer
  • Hibass Solder resist developer
  • Dry film laminator


  • Resco Black Hole line
  • Plasticon Copper/Tin electrolytic line
  • Plasticon de-smear line
  • Plasticon Multibond line
  • Hibass precision etcher
  • Hibass d/s brushing machine
  • Muscat d/s brushing machine

Final Finish Area

  • Quicksilver SM lead free solder leveller
  • Cemco fluxing machine
  • Hibass flux removal machine
  • R&F electroless nickel and immersion gold line
  • Sterling silver line

Solder resist area

  • Argon semi-auto screen printer
  • Semi-auto screen printer
  • Hedenair ovens

Notation printing

  • Microcraft ink-jet printer

Inspection & Test

  • Mania Speedy large format roving probe testers x 2
  • Seaward PAT Tester
  • Stereo microscope


  • Buhler microsection prep. equipment
  • Olympus metallographic microscope
  • Vis/UV spectrophotometer