About PCB Prototyping

Hi5 Electronics’ PCB prototyping service gives you complete control over your order. Our online PCB prototype shop can turn even the most complicated designs into working prototypes quickly and with minimal fuss.

What is PCB prototyping?

Making a prototype PCB is your chance to see the first functional version of your design.

Before going to volume or batch production, this is your chance to iron out any design kinks, improve the allocation of materials and impress stakeholders or investors with an interest in your project.

The team at Hi5 Electronics have decades of experience turning ideas and PCB designs into fully functional prototypes. We’d love to do the same for yours.

Take control over circuit printing

Letting an expert handle the production of your printed circuit board prototype doesn’t mean giving up control.

Hi5’s specially designed online store gives you an unmatched level of influence over your order and your finished product. We offer a range of customisable features which can be adapted to suit any need and budget.

Hi5 Electronics - PCB Design

Got a big idea but a tight budget?

We can help. We offer a number of discounts in areas like finishing, testing, turnaround rate and delivery time.

The highly functional online shop comes with a real-time quoting feature, which breaks down costs, optional extras and available discounts to give you full control over the purchasing decision.

Customisable features:

  • Board type
  • Panel size
  • Turnaround time
  • Standard/premium finishes
  • Hole size
  • Testing requirements
  • Solder resist
  • Delivery time (extended delivery discount)

The quickest way to bring your PCB prototypes to life

The online store speeds up the ordering process. Decades of experience in various sectors of the electronics industry has given our team a healthy appreciation for the kinds of commercial pressures and deadlines that engineers and designers face every day.

This understanding helps us prioritise the rapid delivery of quality circuit boards before everything else. We work at the pace modern-day designers expect from their suppliers.

Do you need a prototype delivered before an exhibition? We can help.

Have you been up all night finalising a design before that big investor meeting? We’re your guys.

Start shopping online today

The shop is open 24/7 and is incredibly easy to use. Just upload your design in a Gerber format, select the product options you require and submit. Our expert team of designers and engineers will create exactly what you ask for to the highest quality specifications.

Our online shop caters for a broad range of requirements and tastes, but we understand that every design is unique.

If you think your design is outside the scope of our online store or if you would like to discuss the possibility of additional discounts, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call a member of the team on 01706 647 006.

Additional service information:

  • Turnaround time day one cut off is 10.00 am
  • Standard finishes is sterling silver and a lead free hot air levelling. We can use electroless nickel or immersion gold (ENIG) for a small additional charge
  • Testing is completed by a roving probe of your data
  • Delivery by courier

Place an order online through our innovative prototype PCB panel service – order now.