About Us

From the start, Hi5’s vision was to become a business known for its reliability and delivery of the best PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

To make this vision a reality, Hi5 has always invested in its loyal workforce, fostered strong working relationships with its clients, been open to change, and found ways to continually adapt to the needs of its customers.

Since 1999 the team of experts that make up Hi5 has shown complete commitment to the company’s vision. This didn’t alter as the company, like many others, struggled during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

Embracing change. Welcoming opportunities.

The impact of the pandemic led the owner, Craig Southern, to make an insightful move in 2022. He invited the owners of Quadra Solutions, Steve and Simon Dobson, to speak with him about Hi5’s challenges and uncertainties.

Steve and Simon have a long working relationship with Craig. They know first-hand the quality of the service, they know that Hi5 has a robust foundation thanks to its close-knit, hard-working employees and they know how to develop a business. Together, Steve, Simon and Craig have the winning combination to take Hi5 to the next level. They have the experience, knowledge, skills, integrity, and passion to future-proof its success.

Same values. A new chapter.

This new chapter in Hi5’s story is an exciting one. While change is inevitable in this evolving world of ours, many elements will remain a constant: Hi5 will continue to champion UK manufacturing, support local businesses, protect the sense of family instilled by its long-serving employees, and seek ways to always deliver on their original vision.