Our Team

richard - Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterRichard Houghton, Managing Director

With many years’ experience under his belt, Richard is Hi5 Electronics’ technical resource. His career began at the Plessey Company in 1972, where he learned about all things PCB, gaining a solid grounding in analysis and plating.

After forays into electroforming and metal finishing, in 1978 he joined ICL’s multilayer facility in Manchester, then the most advanced PCB factory in the world. Richard then moved on to run a manufacturer of sound mixers for several years.

In 1999 he formed Hi5 Electronics to “make hard things easily”, producing niche PCBs for the electronic design market throughout Europe.


craig - Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterCraig Southern, Sales Director

Craig is one of the founders of the company. He has a wealth of commercial and marketing experience, acquired over 30 years in the industry.

He started his working life at TDS, the most commercially innovative company of the 70s and 80s, where the concept of the quick turn prototype was invented.

He has worked with the best of technologies and the biggest volumes. In 1999, he formed Hi5 Electronics Ltd with Richard, bringing a first-class vendor to the market to fill a gap he knew existed.


tim - Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterTim Bartley, Front End Manager

Tim is another “lifer” in the PCB industry. After an instrument apprenticeship with Albright and Wilson in his native West Midlands, he joined ECP Circuits.

He has done just about every job possible and so brings extensive experience to the team.

Now running Front End Tooling (CAM) at Hi5, Tim produces the world-class panelisation, test programming and design for manufacturing (something?), helping our customers to get the best from their PCB fabricator.


deborah - Hi5 Electronics in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterDebbie Bartley, Quality Manager

Debbie is responsible for dealing with systems and processes inspection.

She applies forensic attention to detail to her work, a skill which she honed over a twenty-year career in publications at Great Universal Stores, where she put together and proof read their famous GUS Catalogue.

Don’t try to get a typo past Debbie, or any other fault come to that.