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The PCB Process, Inspections, and the Human Touch

PCB Inspection

There’s no denying that robotics, automation, and other technological advancements have a place when it comes to improving today’s efficiencies, but nothing will ever beat the human eye for quality and accuracy.

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PCB Inspection by hand

We know that lots of people may believe that mass-produced items in this day and age are the creation of machines with little or no human intervention and that items just appear at the end of a conveyor belt.

We are here to tell you that PCB manufacturing companies – especially ours – don’t include such sorcery, it’s actually an intensive process that needs the human touch.

And it’s also worth pointing out at this stage that humans will always deliver the best customer service too! Especially our close-knit team of experts, they do enjoy a chat about all things PCB.

So, if you want to hear more about how we have found the perfect balance between machine and human to deliver the ultimate PCB prototype service, this blog is for you.

PCB Manufacture: the processes

Our clients differ wildly. It’s actually this diversity that makes our roles here even more enjoyable. And we don’t just mean in terms of sectors either. We mean in terms of their knowledge, particularly, how we bring their custom-printed circuit boards to life.

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PCB Manufacture: The Process

There are clients with engineering backgrounds that understand the processes inside out, and there are others who may not have had the time to explore the fine-grain detail – or let’s be honest, not really had the inclination.

This blog has been created very much with the second type of client in mind and we’ve made it our mission to get you just as excited about the 30 processes as we are.

Yes, you read that right, there are 30 processes involved in transforming your ideas into a circuit board.

Depending on the complexity of your PCB design and assembly, you may not require all 30, but it’s good for you to learn that we have experience with them all meaning we can skillfully carry out any request.

The human touch

We could list all 30 processes for you, but honestly, without a full detailed explanation of what they all mean in context, they won’t mean much. We’ll save that for another blog. But what we would like to highlight now, is that seven inspection stages are included.

Following certain steps of the PCB board fabrication, the inspections take place which have their own set of processes (…of course they do!). Some processes are suitable for machines, but the visual inspections must involve a human team. These inspection processes will differ too depending on whether your PCB is classified as rigid or flex. And rigid PCBs fall into three categories: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer. All have specific inspections to ensure the highest standards.

To guarantee that the board is of the highest quality and completely compatible with the client’s design requirement nothing measures up to the expert eye of an experienced prototype board designer with a strong magnifying glass and a ruler!

PCB Manufacture UK

Join us in our excitement for team UK PCB! As a circuit board manufacturer here in the UK, we really do consider ourselves to be artisans. Artisans with a commitment to the industry.

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PCB Manufacturer UK

Most of our employees have worked here for years, and there is a definite family feel to our company because of this loyalty.

We are incredibly proud of our long-serving talented individuals, our PCB manufacturing techniques, and the quality of the products that they produce. Many of our clients depend on us for a 24-hour service, and we’re honoured to be

trusted and relied upon in this way. Having the ability to deliver a fast PCB prototype is so important in our fast-paced world where agility is key.

So why use us?

We’re proud to champion the UK industry, we continue to support local businesses, we are values-driven, and strive to go beyond our clients’ expectations.

And when you outsource your PCB design and prototyping to us, you are freeing up your time to focus on what you excel at. Your circuit board design will be in the safest hands – human of course – and benefit from our professionalism and expertise. Using the latest software, we’ll get the job done right first time to prevent delays and save you money.